The RAMCHECK LX is a unique "benchtop" memory tester that provides thorough diagnostic evaluation and testing of PC memory modules, including DDR4 (DIMM and LRDIMM), DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM. With its optional test adapters, RAMCHECK LX can also quality check, laptop SO-DIMM modules, SIMMs, chips and more.

The RAMCHECK LX memory tester includes an easy-to-use interface that is unparalleled by the competition. It does not require any designation as to the type of module being tested; the type of module, size, width and speed are automatically detected and all tests performed accordingly. Tests take just seconds, as compared to hours when testing on a motherboard. Premium-quality test sockets are used, providing reliability even under heavy use. Included with each tester is a powerful PC software interface for SPD programming, and printing and the logging test results.

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Also available for a limited time is our refurbished SIMCHECK II LT Plus memory tester. It's a great low-cost solution for testing older PC133/100/66 SDRAM modules, as well as 72-pin SIMMs. We also offer refurbished RAMCHECK base testers.

The RAMCHECK LX memory testers can be upgraded via firmware downloads and ready to resume testing in just minutes. Join the many thousands of satisfied customers around the world using the RAMCHECK and SIMCHECK II product line and experience why their versatility, low price and modular design make them the most powerful and complete testing solutions available.

With tens of thousands of memory testers sold since 1987, INNOVENTIONS is the proven leader in state-of-the-art memory testing.